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Chapter 2 - Unity of Thought vs. Unity of Purpose

Truth is not relative, as it is precisely the point around which all else moves. This point also known as 'Love'. Living within the limited context that we currently experience, we each 'see through a glass darkly', that is, we are not working with the entire Truth. This often causes

Chapter 3 - The Path of Authenticity

I'd like to emphasize that this essay, as with all of my writing, is directed at you, at me, at all of humanity. None under Heaven are exempt from these Truths. I speak as another human being living in this mess, attempting our best, as we all do. This is

Chapter 4 - Generosity & Receptivity

'Darkness vs. Light' & the Road to Spiritual Wholeness These are the two primary 'modes' of living under duality, exposed & clarified. No one individual lives life 100% in either mode, but it seems everyone at least starts off life with a tendency towards one mode or the other. Inner

Chapter 6 - Duality vs. Polarity

'Positive' vs. 'Negative' Emotions There is a strong tendency to associate one's emotional state with the status of one's spiritual growth. Undoubtedly, there IS in fact a link, as when one's spiritual growth is 'complete' (liberated state is achieved), one's emotional state will permanently reflect that state of balance, serenity

Chapter 7 - On Slaying Dragons

Humanity, at a collective level, reflected in each of our individual lives, faces a choice. Do we continue the cycle of white knights slaying dragons ('Good' vs. 'Evil), or will we find another purpose (& path) for existence? We must come first to realize that our collective oppressors, while not