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Chapter 1 - Love (Poem)

What is Love? Love is Energy. The Energy of Life Herself. Love has no 'should', no 'must', no obligation. Love is total Freedom. Love remains because She chooses. She has every reason to stay. You cannot hold Her. Love contains All. She is Complete. Love loves You. You can do

Chapter 5 - Though Darkness Shroud (Poem)

Though Darkness shroud with threatening veil, And ever a-cloud all glow from sight, Ere thick the choke of black sky night, Fear need never hide my light, Nor keep from me by stumbling fright, That Heart-kept Guide shining ever Bright!

Chapter 12 - Presence, Practice! (Poem)

We tilting whirl, from age to age, In dash-mad stride t'ward Death's door dark, In moments weak, we blossom short, 'Fore books we hit, and things done get, Bucks we pass, and tender store, With chairs held high, we time so pass, The music cut, low bring the lights, There

Chapter 15 - Shining Stars (Poem)

Lustre gleam of distant Life, Burning flames pierce the Night, As moth & owl on haunting flight, While slumbering hills, their hollows hug, Beast & Bird from darkness shadow, Bursting forth past Mother Luna, No humble whispers, No, harkening cry! Highlight 'fore dawn, All washed from sight, All hidden from

Chapter 19 - Silence Dearest (Poem)

Deep-hidden in caverns green Under shimmering sea-foam stars Lies a fountain, waters endless Open to all, hearing Her call Listen too, and you shall see Flame Divine, pulse of Life Heart of forest, by oceans waves Lovers' embrace, in infant's gaze Ever moving, eternally still Winds of Heaven, drops of